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What is a double pole switch

What is a Double Pole Switch?

A Double Pole switch (also known as a DP switch) is a switch that switches both electrical circuits (live and neutral) at the same time. This leaves the Load, where the appliance is connected, completely isolated. It is a safer way to switch and is typically used where it is difficult to get access to the sockets, for instance the appliances underneath a worktop or kitchen counter. The double pole switch would be fitted above the worktop, for quick and safe access to isolate the appliance. 

Double Pole Grid Switches

As there can be many circuits that need isolating in one location, such as in the kitchen, it is possible to have multiple grid switches on one switch plate. In this instance a grid switch is used. 

Often when multiple 20 amp DP switches are put on one plate, engraved switches are used. This is to avoid any confusion when trying to isolate appliances.